Am I locked into a contract for any period of time when I subscribe to your online training?

Absolutely not. You may cancel at any time with no notice period required. To show our confidence that you will find great value in joining Team Success, we offer the first month for free, opt out anytime, no notice period and no-nonsense.

Is your content free to everyone?

We strive to provide as much valuable content and information available for all. As you will find significant content and information on our Website, Youtube, and Social Media, our online Membership is available for those wanting immediate comprehensive Success and Strategies. Join Team Success now for only $9.99 per week.

How do I access the weekly Q&A?

With your membership to Michael Mahon The Art of Success, you will receive an invitation to a private Facebook group. Joining Team Success will grant access to view and participate in the Live event every Thursday. This is your opportunity to discuss the weekly Training video and ask Michael questions that will directly enhance your performance.

Why is the online Training & Coaching so inexpensive?

The systems and infrastructure we have created have allowed us to deliver quality content to a larger volume of members thus reducing our expenditure. We have passed this savings on to you. Our goal is to help every real estate find Success. To provide the skills, knowledge, and direction so every entrepreneur has an opportunity to Succeed. We developed a platform, a system, to deliver the highest quality Training and Coaching value for a minimal cost. Other real estate trainers are charging 10x the cost for significantly lower value training.

Are you prepared to speak to my Broker about your Group Coaching?

We are here for YOU. Please direct your Broker, Manager or Team Lead to our Website or Social Media. Or feel free to contact us with their information. Our in-office Group Coaching is an excellent way for an office to develop the knowledge and skills to dominate their marketplace.

Do you send invitations for your live events?

Our Live Events will be listed on our Website, and invitations will be sent via Social Media. Make sure to like our Facebook page to remain updated on all Live Events.

Do you actually work as an agent?

As a true Success Strategist, Michaels speaks eloquently and knowingly of all matters pertaining to business, marketing, and sales. Michael understands and expresses the power of people, the meaning of motivation and high-level performance and achievement. Michael talks the talk but does so after 20 years of walking the walk. Michael worked as a Top Agent and Broker Owner with experience in all aspects of Real Estate. Hanging up his boots, Michael’s focus is now only helping other agents and Brokerages dominate their marketplace.

What countries do you operate in?

Michael Mahon The Art of Success is a worldwide brand. The online training & Coaching is available and beneficial to Real Estate agents in any county. Live Events are currently scheduled in United States of America and Australia, with more countries to soon follow.

Can we get a group discount for our entire office for an Event?

Yes. Please direct office manager, broker, or Team Lead to contact us directly for information.