One of the world’s Foremost Real Estate Professionals taking Real Estate performance to new heights.

A superior communicator and natural ‘people person’ with a charismatic capacity to build partnerships and long-term relationships whatever the situation, Michael Mahon is an exceptional leader with a proven entrepreneurial flair.

Progressive and innovative with a relentless work ethic and a focus on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive and challenging environments has led to Michael’s impressive track record of success within the Real Estate industry.

During his 19 years of Real Estate experience, Michael has been recognized and acknowledged as a business leader on the national stage with a suite of industry and business awards and accolades including being voted ‘Best Real Estate Company’ on the Gold Coast, twice being ranked by BRW (Business Review Weekly) in the ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies’ in the country, Grand finalist at the REIQ Excellence awards as well as winning the State and National Title for the prestigious ‘Australian Business Champions Award’.

Michael’s ability to motivate and influence both individuals and cross-functional teams to achieve award-winning results in competitive and stressed markets is highly regarded and emulated. Michael is a dynamic individual whose personality energizes all those around him. With a true passion for Real Estate, Marketing and Sales combined with a gregarious personality and astute business acumen, Michael’s advice, guidance, insight and approach certainly make him one of the world’s foremost Real Estate trainers.

Professional Awards and Accolades

2017 – State Finalist – REIQ Agency Of The Year Award

2013-14 – Achieved Sydney’s Highest Auction Result three times within a 12 month period

2010 – State Finalist – REIQ Awards for Excellence

2009 – BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies

2009 – QLD STATE WINNER: Australian Business Champion Awards

2009 – Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Finalist

2009 – NATIONAL WINNER – Australian Business Champion Awards

2009 – Gold Coast Honors Awards – Top 10 Finalist – Business Category

2008 – Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Finalist

2008 – Gold Coast Honors Awards – Top 10 Finalist – Business Category

2008 – BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies

2006 – Voted Best Real Estate Company on the Gold Coast

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Online Training & Coaching

“Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”
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Group Coaching

“Your business is only as strong as the people within it…”

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Live Events

Those of us striving to learn, grow and succeed, look for opportunities to expand our knowledge and advance our careers.
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Some speak enthusiastically to be heard… when Michael speaks, people enthusiastically listen!
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Dream Team Training

“It takes time to be a success, but it also takes effort, energy and education. That’s why the words Success and Sacrifice are so often used together…” Michael Mahon
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Michael Mahon

Chief Executive Officer

I was Raised between Ireland and Australia, literally traveling back and forth every few years. Growing up I had a passion for the outdoors, I loved sport and I literally trained everyday.

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I was driven and I was pretty competitive! I loved Boxing, martial arts and Kickboxing in which I held 3 Australian Titles. I Finished school in south of Ireland, in a historic old school, run by the Stella Maris Nuns, it was very strict! But despite the best efforts of the nuns, that’s where I met my wife, and we’ve been together ever since. I Returned to Sydney at 18 year of age and shortly after joined the NSW Police Service. As a first career, the Police was great, it was exciting and I always felt a great sense of fulfillment helping those that needed help. At about 25, shortly after I was married, Myself and Caroline purchased our first home in Sydney… During this time, I met a Real Estate principal or Broker, who after about a dozen conversations, convinced me to get into Real Estate and join his agency. Well, within 9 months I was the number 1 agent in the office and made the top 10% of sales agents nationally.

At the ripe old age of 29 I launched my own agency. I named it REOL, being an acronym of the names of my children, Caroline was only just pregnant with our fourth at the time, but we had picked the name Ryan! I have five wonderful children now… who make me very proud every day. They really are great kids. Back to REOL! This business really took off, we were leading the way with marketing, innovation and of course results.

This business grew to one of the largest independent agencies in the state, winning a suite of awards and accolades along the way. We won the state and subsequently the national tile for the prestigious ‘Australian Small Business Champions Award’ and were twice ranked within the top 100 fastest growing companies within the country. On the back of this success I was invited and encouraged to provide training and coaching to the wider Real Estate Industry. This is where I found my true passion and where I really came to life.

Real Estate to me is not just a vocation, it’s an invigorating way of life. Modern Real Estate is multifaceted and multidimensional, it infiltrates every aspect of your life and that’s not a bad thing, it’s simply part of the course on your way towards a successful and very rewarding career.

Our industry is competitive, it’s challenging and its evolving. That’s what I love about it, it’s exciting, its fulfilling and rewarding. There are not many industries on earth that are as lucrative whilst allowing such a wonderful lifestyle for you and your family.

Over the last 20 years I have learned how to build an extraordinary career – kicking ass every step of the way! keep fit and healthy, raise an amazing family, maintain loving relationships, see the world, learn, grow and develop and most importantly – I have learned to enjoy and appreciate every day of this ongoing journey.

Moving forward, I hope to meet you so that I can share my insights, knowledge and winning philosophies… Speak soon.

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Nathan Merka

Chief Operations Officer

A Southern California native, Nathan Merka grew up in the now famous Orange County, California. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University of Long Beach,

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he combined his understanding of human behavior with his passion for technology and real estate. Nathan quickly made a name for himself as an innovator in what was then an emerging internet real estate market. With fresh ideas, keen problem solving and boundless energy, he started one of America’s first dot com real estate companies. Using cutting edge technology, multi media video productions and focused marketing campaigns, Nathan understood immediately that the business of real estate will always be in a state of change. To meet the challenges of an ever evolving market he is constantly learning and improving on the freshest marketing techniques, all with the focus of a tireless work ethic and an understanding of what drives people. Opening brick and mortar offices throughout Southern California, with a dominant online presence utilizing cutting edge technologies was the formula for success and remains the industry standard to this day.

During the Real Estate Market Crash of 2008, Nathan once again led the way by fighting for home owners wounded badly in the downturn, each with their own set of complex circumstances to sort through. He quickly pivoted to meet the demands of the ‘short market’ which took high level of skill in negotiation and tenacity. Making each distressed homeowner a personal mission, Nathan helped change lives by negating against the big banks so homeowners could move on and start over. Negotiating over 250 million dollars of debt forgiveness for homeowners, he felt a sense of justice and pride in helping so many families turn the page on what was a bitter chapter in their lives.

After 18 years of helping property sellers and buyers in California, Nathan was fortunate to be able to take his passion and experience Down Under. With his lovely wife and 2 beautiful young daughters, it was time to make Australia home. Upon researching the landscape of The Gold Coast Real Estate scene, one name kept popping up as an innovator and creator. Micheal Mahon was utilizing innovative marketing that aimed not to get inside the head, but rather inside the heart. His motion media was innovating and marketing with cinematic productions for home sellers was genius. Excited about moving to a country that holds many of the similar family values Nathan wants for his family and the opportunity to innovate and create once again, he was quickly on a plane ready to once again help people with his passion for technology and real estate. He proudly joined Micheal Mahon and together they look forward in their endeavors to become globally recognizable.

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Sonya Doran

Administrative Assistant

Sonya joined Michael Mahon Success as an administrative assistant bringing years of experience to the role from prior positions in executive administration.

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Her attention to detail, excellent rapport-building skills and the vitality and energy she brings is immediately apparent with every conversation.

Prior to joining Michael Mahon Success, Sonya worked as an executive assistant for a top International Realty Company for more than 8 years and held previous executive assistant positions.

Sonya enjoys the diverse experience and is rewarded by the friendships and business partnerships she makes. She feels privileged to work within an industry that makes such an impact on peoples lives.

Sonya resides in Gold Coast Australia with her husband and amazing children. In her spare time, she enjoys participating in family events, going to the beach, and enjoying the beauty of life.

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